Universal Life

Universal life allows you to protect the people you care about at a price you can afford. It provides financial security for your family or business by combining the best features of term and permanent life insurance. It includes life insurance protection with an account value that earns tax-deferred interest. It gives you the flexibility you need in paying premiums, paying less when money is tight and more when you want to increase your cash value. It is available to individuals ages 1 through 75. Choose the amount of protection you want and design a premium schedule to match your budget.

Policy Features

Minimum Premium - $3.00 a week
Rates - Unisex - Nonsmoker and Smoker (Standard)
Minimum Face - What $3.00 per week will purchase, or minimum issue of $10,000 (per application)
Riders - Disability waiver of monthly deduction, Accidental death benefit, Spouse's decreasing term, Children's level term, LifeStar.
Temporary Coverage - Up to 60 days
Free Look - 20 Days

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