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The Financial Security Plan is a flexible, affordable way to be among the small group of workers who plan for their retirement - and who retire with money to enjoy it. This 3-part financial security plan is more than just a life insurance policy; it also includes disability benefits and a tax deferred annuity that ensure you will complete your retirement plan and protect yourself and your family in case of your disability or premature death before retirement.

1. Build Funds In A Tax Deferred Annuity
A tax-deferred annuity is a cash accumulation account with flexible options that let you receive income monthly, generally beginning at retirement and continuing throughout your life usually with payments guaranteed for a specific period of time. In addition, it has these benefits:

You pay no income taxes on the earned interest until you withdraw money at retirement - when you are likely to be in a lower tax bracket.
A guaranteed minimum interest rate of 4%. A current interest rate is earned on balances in your account each year.
That rate is based on economic conditions and the company's earning ability.
You can withdraw money from your account before retirement.
Any withdrawals made before age 591/2, however, are subject to a penalty imposed by the IRS.

2. Keep Your Retirement Plan Growing Even If You Can't Work
Most retirement plans depend on your ability to work and make periodic contributions to the account. But what happens if you're disabled and can't work? With Financial Security Plan coverage, if you have a disabling accident or illness before age 65, and cannot work for six months or longer, the company will:

Refund all premiums paid after you become disabled.
Pay the premium on your death benefit for as long as your disability lasts, or until you reach age 70 Also, pay your annuity premium as stated in the policy for as long as you are disabled or until you reach age 65.

3. Provide Income For Your Family In Case of Your Death
The Financial Security Plan's death benefit gives your family a source of income to depend on in the event of your premature death before retirement. This benefit:

Is life insurance - a 10year level term life insurance policy that is renewable to age 70.
Pays a specific amount of money to your beneficiary to cover final expenses and provide on-going income.
Returns the entire accumulated amount in your retirement annuity to your beneficiary.
Once you're been active in the plan for 10 years, you can have all future payments applied to your tax deferred annuity, where they will earn current rates of interest.
Your life insurance and disability benefits will no longer be in force. Remember, the Financial Security Plan is not intended to replace existing insurance.
It increases the protection you're providing your family and assures the completion of your retirement program in the event of your disability or premature death.

A Financial Security Plan* With The Flexibility You Need
Your Financial Security Plan is a convenient life and retirement program with extra coverage to ensure that you reach your program goals regardless of illness or accidents along the way. What's more, if you leave your present job, your Financial Security Plan leaves with you.and continues to provide for your financial security no matter where you work.
Other benefits include:

Premium Deposit Fund - an interest earning short-term account that makes it easy to accumulate money for making payments to adding to you're retirement plan.
You can contribute to the Premium Deposit Fund up until your planned retirement date.
You may withdraw money from this account for any short-term cash needs. Advanced Payment Benefit - if you are faced with a terminal illness before you reach age 65, you can receive early payment of 50% of your death benefit to help you handle the financial stress of the illness.
Our role is to kelp you achieve a secure and comfortable retirement.
*A ten-year level term life insurance policy with a tax deferred annuity rider and disability waiver of premium benefit.
Underwritten by Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Preferred Financial Corporation.

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